AcceleDent® Aura™ is an innovative orthodontic tool that helps make your orthodontic treatment faster and more comfortable.

Instead of waiting anywhere between 12 and 24 months to get your new smile, you can reduce your treatment time by up to half the amount of time.

  • Easy to use
  • You can use AcceleDent® in the comfort of your own home while doing daily activities
  • No pain and reduces discomfort associated with orthodontic treatments
  • We explain exactly how to use AcceleDent®

Effective and Safe to Use

AcceleDent® has been used and approved in 15 clinical studies. As a result, orthodontists around the world recommend, use and support AcceleDent® as an effective and safe way to accelerate tooth movement.

Easy to Use

To speed up your orthodontic treatment, all you have to do is use AcceleDent® for 20 minutes each day. With the hands-free device, you can complete your 20-minute at-home treatment while doing daily activities, including reading, homework, watching TV and even showering.

Accelerates Tooth Movement

Teeth move in a process called bone remodeling. When your braces or orthodontic appliance applies pressure to your teeth, the bone cells mobilize around the tooth roots, causing the bone around the tooth to change. This allows the tooth to move and settle in its proper position. AcceleDent® sends calculated vibrations to the bone around your teeth to increase the cellular activity around your teeth. This ultimately increases the speed at which your teeth move and shortens your treatment time.

Very helpful staff & nice office

My dentist was really nice, straightforward, and made sure to check in with me many times throughout my cleaning to make sure everything was alright. Didn't seem pushy or judgmental (even though it was my first cleaning in years). Very helpful staff and nice office, too.

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Love the environment

Loved the environment! The receptionist Joselyn has AMAZING customer service, friendly staff! Definitely recommend this office!!!

How to Use AcceleDent

With just 20 minutes each day, you can speed up the rate at which you achieve your new smile.

Visit With Our Orthodontist

Before beginning your AcceleDent® treatment, our orthodontist will visit with you to determine whether AcceleDent® is necessary or recommended for your treatment. If it is, we will show you how to properly use AcceleDent® so that you can use it in the convenience of your own home.

Using AcceleDent®

To use AcceleDent®, simply insert the mouthpiece into your mouth and firmly bite down to make sure there is contact on all sides of the mouthpiece. Do not hold your activator with your hands. Press the power button and leave the activator in your mouth for 20 minutes. Once your 20 minutes are up, turn off the activator and remove it from your mouth. It is best to complete your AcceleDent® treatment around the same time every day.

Caring for Your AcceleDent®

Keep your mouthpiece clean and make sure your activator is charged. If the activator’s light flashes orange, then it is time to recharge. You can plug your activator into a wall socket with the provided adaptor, or into a computer with the provided USB cord. Once the light shows green, your activator is charged. To clean your mouthpiece, remove it from the activator and rinse it after each treatment. You can rinse your mouthpiece with lukewarm water. Brush your mouthpiece every now and then with toothpaste or mild soap. Do NOT get your activator wet.

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