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Implants have notable health and comfort advantages over other teeth replacement alternatives like crowns, bridges and dentures.

  • Look, Feel & Function Like Your Natural Teeth
  • Increased Comfort & Confidence
  • Affordable
  • NO Anxiety, NO Pain, NO fear
  • We Explain What To Expect During The Procedure
  • We Provide Excellent Aftercare
  • Procedure Performed by Board-Certified Oral Surgeons
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Why Should You Get Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the best option for your oral health while maintaining the look and feel of your real teeth

Your Natural Mouth

Unlike other teeth replacement options like dentures, bridges or crowns, a dental implant replaces your entire tooth, including the root. Why is this important? By replacing the full tooth, an implant replicates your natural tooth function with a strong foundation and comfortable biting and chewing. It feels completely natural!

Maintain Facial Structure

Here’s the truth, when you don’t replace the full root of the tooth, you will eventually experience bone resorption – or the thinning of the jaw bone which occurs with missing teeth. What’s the big deal about a thinning jaw bone? It actually changes your facial structure resulting in additional wrinkles around your mouth and even your teeth moving closer to your nose. Dental Implants maintain your jaw’s integrity, keeping your mouth strong and healthy.


Dental implants can be cleaned and cared for in exactly the same way as natural teeth. No special tools or treatments like other teeth replacement alternatives.


Perhaps the most significant benefit of dental implants is the renewed confidence you have with a comfortable, healthy and natural looking smile. All our patients agree that implants have helped restore their self-confidence and self-esteem.

About The Dental Implant Procedure

Virtually Pain-Free & Performed in One Day in Most Cases

Diagnosis & Planning

Your Board-Certified Oral Surgeon/Periodontist will place the implant under local anesthesia.

Implant Placement

The bone around the implant grows and actually integrates with the implant surface during the healing phase, which lasts between 3 weeks and a few months. This is process of osseointegration is what makes implants superior to other teeth replacement methods and allows your new “tooth” to feel and function like your natural teeth.

Healing Phase

The bone around the implant grows and actually integrates with the implant surface during the healing phase, which lasts between 3 weeks and a few months. This is process of osseointegration is what makes implants superior to other teeth replacement methods and allows your new “tooth” to feel and function like your natural teeth.

Placement of Implant Abutment

When healing is complete, we will place the final abutment, a small piece that connects the implant to the crown. An impression of the implant site will be taken to create the crown. At American Dental your custom abutment and crown is fabricated locally in Chicago. No sub-standard overseas parts used!

Final Crown

The final crown is returned from the local lab and will be placed by your American Dental Specialist.

Before & After

Results worth smiling about

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Get Dental Implants from Us When You Need Them

If your teeth are not as healthy as they once were, then you might need to consider getting help from an implant dentist like us. We will make sure that your dental implants are done well and that your teeth are better with them. We are based in Chicago, and if you are in the area and need implants in Chicago, then you can come to us and learn more about what the procedure is like and how the all on 4 dentures in Chicago can imitate your real teeth.

You don't have to feel afraid of what dental implants are or how they will go in, but you can come to us to learn about implants in Chicago. We will tell you all about what an implant dentist does and how a dental crown will be just like a regular tooth. We will help encourage you as you learn about how an implant dentist can help you when things have gone very wrong with your natural teeth. Even if you lose a tooth, an implant dentist or an emergency dentist in Chicago can make things better for you, and you can go on with your life.

Additional Information

You might be afraid that your smile will never be the same after you lose a tooth, but thanks to the help of an implant dentist like us, you will look great again. You can come to us for the implants or general dentistry needs in Chicago that you need to have done and know that the best work will get done. We are the best in Chicago, and we will make sure that your dental implant restorations are done well. You will feel great about the dental implants you choose to have done when you learn more about them and how they have helped so many people to have better teeth.

Chicago is a big city and there are many dentists and periodontists you could go to in Chicago, but when you want the best implant dentist in Chicago to help you, then you need to come to us. You can ask us to explain how it will feel to get the dental implant restorations done if you are afraid of the pain, and you can learn about when we have openings and how soon you can get this done. You can come to our Chicago office to learn more about who we are as dentists and schedule a teeth whitening. Also learn how many years of experience we have, as well, to help reassure you that we will do things well.

You don't have to be afraid of the implants in Chicago that you need to have done when you know that the best dentist in Chicago will take care of them. You can trust us with your dental implants and know that we will do our best for you. We know all about dental implant restorations and are one of the best in Chicago for meeting this kind of need. If you want to be sure that you get a good implant dentist to take care of the dental implant restorations, then come to us in Chicago. We are passionate about being your implant dentist.

The Best Dental Implant Restorations in Chicago

If you're in the Chicago area and you've been thinking about having dental implants installed, then you need to consider our dental office. At American Dental, we've been helping patients reclaim their freedom by having dental implants installed. Here's what you need to know about visiting our implant dentist in Chicago.

Why You Should Choose Our Implant Dentist in the Chicago Area

Dental implants are permanent replacements when you lose teeth. Whether through accident, injury, or poor oral habits, you may discover that your teeth are starting to fall out. Large gaps are left behind. This can cause a lot of embarrassment for certain people. It can also make activities like talking and chewing difficult.

To restore your life, implants may be the best decision. Our implant dentist in Chicago will carefully examine your case. If they decide that you could benefit from dental implants, then you'll be equipped with all the information that you need to know about them.

Implants are cemented into your jaw and allow for permanent, fake, teeth to be installed. These fake teeth act just like real teeth. They look just like real teeth, too.

Yet before you have your implants installed in Chicago, it's vital that you choose the right dentist for the job. Dental implant restorations in the Chicago area aren't easy. It requires a specialist who is trained in the exacting art.

Luckily, our team are  specialists. Our dentists are the best at installing dental implants in Chicago because of their experience in a wide range of dental disciplines and procedures. They've helped so many patients take back their lives by installing implants. 

Like any kind of surgery, there's always the chance of a problem or a challenge occurring. Our dentist has been presented with those challenges before and has always found a way to overcome them. If you want a high-quality experience with your teeth, then you need to visit our dentist.

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