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Professional General Dentistry Treatments from Routine Cleanings to Digital X-Rays & TMJ Treatment

When you need a dental cleaning in Chicago, visit our Chicago offices! You get much more from a general dentist than a basic cleaning. We can help you with general dental care that includes cavity fillings, teeth whitening, straightening, and referrals for implants. Plus, we can install veneers or help with emergencies. Talk to our general dentist today, or schedule an appointment for a regular cleaning.

What Does General Dentistry in Chicago Entail?

General dentistry starts with an exam and cleaning. Our general dental care may also include x-rays, fluoride, and recommendations for additional treatments. Plus, we will check your insurance before making your next appointment. Our clerical staff will help you with any general dentistry claims issues, and we will contact you to remind you about your appointment.

Why Should You Visit the Periodontist?

When you meet our general dentist, you can get the periodontal care that you need. Periodontists can handle all of the general dentistry items that must be covered. Our Chicago office offers extended dental care for anyone who needs it. Our general dentist can recommend special services to keep your teeth in good condition, or we can extend your general dental care to include implants, infections, broken teeth, and other concerns.

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Our periodontist can explain how they can offer you more care. Periodontists in Chicago explain to you what can be done if you need help with something like implants, dentures, bridges, or a root canal in Chicago. You can schedule your appointments at wide intervals so that you have time to recover. We also check how much general dentistry work is covered under insurance, how much periodontal care you qualify for, and what the costs may be going forward.

Why Do You Need Cosmetic Dental Care?

When you come in for general dental care, you need to make sure that you have asked about any cosmetic items you need. If you want a whiter smile, straightening plans, or other cosmetic solutions, our general dentist can offer guidance! 

Additional Information

As the best cosmetic dentist in Chicago, we will review your x-rays, examine your mouth, and create an action plan to help improve your oral health. You will see the price of everything that you need to do, and you can schedule appointments based on your timeline or budget.

What About Restorative Dentistry in Chicago?

Chicago restorative dentistry will help you when you have broken or missing teeth. You can ask the dentist how they would proceed, and you can choose from several options. You can get a bridge or dentures that will replace your missing teeth. You can get crowns that will cover the cracks or damage that everyone can see.

If you want to get implants, you must schedule time with a general dentist to get root canals done. The root canal will remove the nerve, and you will not have any pain or sensation when the implants are installed.

Can You Get Emergency Care?

You can call for emergency dental services in Chicago at any time. You should get the emergency number when you visit the office, and you can ask what to do during the day or in the middle of the night. We can fit you in during the day, or we will tell you what to do when the office is closed. Our general dentist will guide your emergency care, calm your nerves, and help you understand your best course of action.

When you visit our office to see the general dentist in Chicago, you can visit from anywhere in the region. We offer Chicago residents amazing care, and we can handle emergencies or periodontal care when needed.

The Best General Dentistry in Chicago IL

Seeing your general dentist is an important part of keeping up with your oral health. Yet the experience and skill of your general dentist determine just how well your teeth are looked after. You don't want to go to a dental office to receive the same kind of care that you could have done yourself at home. To experience exceptional care, you need to visit our dentists at American Dental.

Why Our General Dentist is the Best in Chicago

General dentistry services typically include teeth cleaning, flossing, fluoride treatment, and other optional practices. All of these are aimed to thoroughly remove plaque and keep your teeth and gums healthy. Yet an experienced dentist is what separates incredible teeth cleaning from an average one.

Our dentist has that experience in a wide range of dental services and procedures. They've helped patients for years. Using new technology and practices, you'll experience a thorough cleaning unlike anything else.

Perhaps one of the best aspects of our general dentistry in Chicago is that we keep our prices affordable. You can walk out of our office with a fresh mouth without having to empty your wallet.

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