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The goal of preventive care is to protect your smile from damage caused by tooth decay, periodontal disease (gum disease), and other damaging dental conditions. Preventive dentistry works to prevent these diseases before they cause damage that requires repair. We offer a number of preventive dental treatments to help you keep your smile in the best possible health. These services include dental sealants and dental cleanings; visiting our office regularly ensures that we detect and treat any early signs of damage before they become more extensive and painful.

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There are several steps you can take to prevent cavities and tooth decay. Our dentist recommends that you follow these guidelines to help minimize your chances for developing cavities:

  • Brush and floss your teeth every day. You should brush at least twice a day and floss at least once a day
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a fluoridated toothpaste
  • Maintain a balanced, healthy diet with a limited amount of very sugary or acidic foods
  • Visit our office at least twice a year for a routine teeth cleaning and dental exam

To learn more about preventive care, we invite you to call or visit us today!

Exam Cleanings for Your Dental Care Routine

Dental cleaning in Chicago is the most important part of your yearly routine. You should get to know the dentist, get the best possible care, and get any extra services you might need. There are a few tips for dental exams below, and each of these tips will help you get extra care when needed.

Where Do You Get Dental Cleaning in Chicago?

You need to meet general dentists in Chicago who will offer regular cleanings every six months. The staff can tell you when your insurance qualifies for dental cleaning, and they schedule your appointments at the most convenient times. You will meet with a dental hygienist who can clean your teeth, and the dentist will come in for professional teeth cleaning.

This is a good time to talk to the dentist about any issues you have, and you can schedule follow-up appointments for routine dental care or extra services. You should ask the dentist if you should come back more often than twice a year. You could speak to the dentist about extra cleaning if you have medical conditions that necessitate more care. Also, the dentist might want to check your teeth if they have done a bit of emergency work that they need to review.

Additional Information

Does the Dentist Offer Emergency Services?

When you go in for dental cleaning, you should ask your Chicago dentist if they offer urgent or emergency services. You may need urgent dental care in Chicago at any time. You may need to get help for your children, and you should ask for the after-hours contact information for the office.

The dental hygienist can explain what you do if you have an emergency, and you might ask them if they offer house calls in Chicago. When the dentist does house calls, you need to know which number to call. Plus, you should ask the dentist if they will see your children for regular appointments. A family dentist can give you the best possible care, and they will get to know your children as they grow.

You should ask the dentist if you can come to the office, or they might have a partner clinic that you can visit. The partner clinic will have access to your records, and they can give you the care that you need. Plus, they can send you back to the dentist for another dental cleaning.

Why Should You Meet with A Periodontist?

You can meet with periodontists in Chicago because you need routine dental care, basic dental exams, and dental cleaning. The periodontist also helps you with gum health, helps you with teeth whitening in Chicago, and helps with things like root canals or cosmetic procedures.

You can get professional teeth cleaning from the periodontist, and they can monitor things like teeth whitening, implants, crowns, bridges, or dentures. Dental cleaning is easy to complete if the periodontist is looking for problems with your implants or cosmetic dental appliances. Plus, the periodontist can prescribe medication or cleaning routines that are needed for your teeth.

Dental cleaning may need to include extra gum cleaning, or you may visit the periodontist because you need help with mouthwashes, caring for infected teeth, or caring for missing teeth. You may not have your implants yet, and the periodontist will call you in to check any open wounds.

How Do You Get Cosmetic Dental Care?

When you get professional teeth cleaning in Chicago, your dental hygienist can explain what they would do in your situation. The dentist will use your dental exams to check your teeth for certain treatments. You can ask for everything from whitening to veneers. Plus, you can return to this office for a dental cleaning in the future.

The dentist knows all about your veneers or teeth whitening. Plus, the dentist can explain when it might be time for root canals or implants. You can ask your periodontist to schedule time for your root canals, and you can schedule another appointment for your implants. The dental hygienist you normally meet will clean your implants, and the dentist can explain tips you need during your regular dental exams.

You can work with the best cosmetic dentists in Chicago to learn how to make your smile look perfect. The dentist in Chicago will explain how to care for your teeth during your dental cleaning appointments, and they may want to send you for extra care if they find anything troublesome during your dental exams.

When you come in for routine dental care, you must be certain that you ask the dentist for assistance with regular cleaning, where to go in Chicago for root canals, and how to get cosmetic services. You must schedule regular appointments with your dentist, and you should get to know your hygienist. These people understand the state of your teeth, and they will help you reach your goals.

The Best Dental Hygienist in Chicago IL

Dental cleaning is an important step in preserving your oral health and ensuring your teeth last for years. Yet your dental hygienist plays an important part in determining how well your teeth are cleaned. You don't want to visit a dentist that only does an acceptable job. You might have well cleaned your own teeth at home. At American Dental, we have exceptional dentists who are eager to help you. Here's what you need to know about our dental hygienist in Chicago.

Why Our Dental Cleaning is the Best in Chicago IL

One of the most important parts of a dental cleaning in Chicago is receiving dental exams. To determine if there's any rot or cavities forming, dental exams are used. Our dental hygienist in Chicago will carefully examine those exams to determine your state of oral health.

From there, proper and custom teeth cleaning services can be issued.

Our experience and dedicated care make our services unmatched.

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To ensure your teeth are as healthy as possible in Chicago IL, make an appointment with our dental office today. Your teeth will never feel cleaner after our service.  

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I've nothing but good things to say about American Dental Associates. The staff is friendly. The doctors are very knowledgeable Their hours are very helpful for those of us who can not take time off work for appointments. Thank you to all the doctors and staff at ADA.

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