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American Dental’s Evergreen Park location (60652) is ready to serve all your emergency, restorative, cosmetic, and general dentistry needs. Our dentists are here to take good care of you and your family members.

Located on the southwestern border of Chicago, Evergreen Park feels like a small town within the big city, even though it’s just seven miles away from Midway International Airport. The neighborhood has some great community facilities, including the Senior Center, Activity Center, and Village Pantry. Evergreen Park is known as the “Village of Churches” since it has 13 established religious congregations.

The neighborhood of Evergreen Park is rich in history, being more than a hundred years old. It was way back in 1893 when 40 Chicagoans decided to independently form the Village of Evergreen Park, and many of the original settlers were hardworking farm families.

Today, you can visit the Pullman Historic District in the far south side of the neighborhood, created by railroad sleeping car magnate George Pullman in 1881. Stop by the grandiose Hotel Florence, also built by Pullman, featuring a majestic roofline, red brick walls, and a wide, inviting verandah. Jackson Park offers a peaceful setting for an afternoon stroll, along with playing fields, golf course, lagoons, and ponds. And be sure to check out the Museum of Science and Industry nearby, which is one of Chicago’s most popular destinations. It features interactive displays about the human body, communications, the environment, and space travel.

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When looking for dentists in Evergreen Park, you will want to find good care from those dentists. Whether you need oral surgery, emergency dentistry, or general dentistry, you will want the best in Evergreen Park. You will have a dentist in Southside Chicago who will do great restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry when you choose us as your dentist in Evergreen Park, IL.

Choose Our Services for Great Cosmetic Dentistry

If you don't like your teeth, then you need cosmetic dentistry done by our dentist in Evergreen Park, IL or a dentist in Belmont Cragin. You can trust our cosmetic dentist. Each cosmetic dentist in our office has been trained well. You can trust the cosmetic dentist to give you great care and make your smile look great. You will feel happy with your teeth after getting the cosmetic dentistry work done by our dentist in Evergreen Park, IL.

Additional Information

Dental Implants are Done by Us

You can ask our cosmetic dentist  to do dental implants and restorative dentistry if you need that done. Our dentists know what they are doing with dental implants and will give you great care. You can trust that the cosmetic dentist you see with us will understand what you want.

Come to Us for Your Emergency Dentist Needs

If you need an emergency dentist because something has happened to a tooth, then you can come to our emergency dentist in Evergreen Park and get the care you need from our emergency dentist. You can trust our emergency dentistry to be as good as you will find anywhere in the Evergreen Park area. We are the dentist in Southside Chicago you will want to visit for your emergency dentistry needs because we are trained well. You will feel good knowing that even when you need emergency dentistry work done in Evergreen Park, you can count on us.

Use Our Endodontics When You Are in Pain

If you have a lot of pain with your teeth, then you will need to come to our endodontist to get endodontics care. Our endodontist knows how to deal with root canals and more. When you need emergency dentistry and endodontics can help with the dental emergency you are in, you can feel good about coming to us. You can know that all of your needs will be met by our endodontist specialists. All of our endodontist specialists are passionate about your teeth and making sure that you don't feel much pain.

You Can Trust Us with Your Oral Surgery

When you need to have oral surgery done in Evergreen Park, you can sit down with our oral surgeon to discuss what needs to happen. Our Evergreen Park oral surgeon is better than most you will find around. We offer surgeries by our dentist in Southside Chicago, and cosmetic dentistry in Lincoln Square and when you need work done by an oral surgeon, you can trust us. You can come to our oral surgeon and know that it won't be long before things are better in your mouth.

Come to Us for General Dentistry

We offer a wide variety of services, including general dentistry. When you just want to have your teeth looked at or cleaned, you can come to our general dentist and ask for that service. Our general dentist is one of the best dentist in Evergreen Park, and you will feel welcomed coming to our general dentist. When you want to make sure you don't have cavities, set up an appointment with our general dentist. Make a regular appointment with the general dentist in Evergreen Park, or a cosmetic dentist in Midway and you will feel good about how you continue to care for your teeth by seeking out general dentistry.

Choose Our Periodontists for Good Care

When you need the help of periodontists in Evergreen Park, you can count on us. Our periodontists know how to care for your teeth and all that is going on the inside of your mouth. You can learn about periodontics from us and know what you need to do to care for your teeth with periodontics. Our periodontists will help you understand all that is happening with your teeth. If periodontics is something you are worried about, and if you want to get help with periodontics, then come to our professionals in Evergreen Park to learn about it. We will give you information and good care for your periodontics needs.

Come to Us for Family Dental Work

When you want dental care for the whole family in Evergreen Park, including restorative dentistry, come to us. We will meet your family dental needs and be the dentist on Lawrence and Kedzie that you need. Our dental practices provide dental care that is all about working for people of all ages, and we will take care of your family well as your dentist in Southside Chicago and as your dentist in Lincoln Park.

Get Help from a Great Orthodontist

Our dental practices offer great help from an orthodontist in Evergreen Park and an orthodontist in Palos Heights, IL, and if you need restorative dentistry, you can come to us as your dentist in Southside Chicago. Our orthodontist will make sure you’re comfortable and understand all the information that is provided to you. You don't have to worry about anything when you have our orthodontics being done for you. The orthodontist you get seen by at the dentist on Lawrence and Kedzie will make sure you get the best care. Our orthodontist knows all kinds of orthodontics, restorative dentistry, and the needs you have. You can trust this dentist in Southside Chicago to give you great care with orthodontics.

When you need a dentist on Lawrence and Kedzie and want to know that all of your dental care needs will be met by an endodontist, a general dentist, or that your restorative dentistry needs will be met, you can come to us. Have us help with your emergency dentistry needs and all you want to know about endodontics. We will give you the general dentistry you need to have done and make you feel good about choosing us as your dentist in Evergreen Park, IL.

The Best Dentists in Evergreen Park IL

If you're anywhere near Lawrence and Kedzie and are in need of oral care, then you need to visit the best dental office in the area. At American Dental, our dentists are fully equipped to handle endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, and even general dentistry. Here's why you should visit our dentist in Evergreen Park.

Why You Should Visit Our Endodontist on Lawrence and Kedzie

The health of your teeth extends further than just the enamel. Endodontics covers everything inside of your tooth. Pulp and tissue exist at the center of your tooth. When you have a toothache, it's usually because the pulp inside of the tooth is inflamed.

Our endodontist in Evergreen Park IL is specialized to care for this delicate area. Few dentists are capable of giving the same quality of care that we are. They may only have a general dentist. Our endodontics service can ensure your entire tooth remains healthy.

Visit Our Periodontist to Keep Your Gums Healthy in Evergreen Park IL

Another reason you should visit us at Lawrence and Kedzie is because of our periodontist. This dentist specializes in treating your gums. Because gum disease is the first sign of serious oral health, our restorative dentistry services in Southside Chicago can ensure your gums are given the help they deserve.

Not only will your discomfort disappear, but you may notice that your bad breath is diminished as well.

Our Team is Experienced For All Kinds of Care in Southside Chicago

Our staff also has an orthodontist and oral surgeon to ensure your mouth is healthy. Orthodontics can keep your teeth straight which can improve your lifestyle. Oral surgery is sometimes necessary to remove diseased tissue or other problems.

If you find yourself needing dental implants immediately, then you may need to visit our emergency dentist. Emergency dentistry guarantees that you're treated by our emergency dentist quickly and efficiently.

Besides having specialists like orthodontists and offering dental implants, you can also see us for our general dentist or cosmetic dentistry. Our cosmetic dentist will keep your teeth bright and fresh.

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