Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures at American Dental

September 30, 2021

While the main focus of providing dental care in maintaining the health of your teeth and gums, there is also a cosmetic component to what we do at American Dental. We all want to have a perfect smile but we’re not all lucky enough to be born with one. Yellow teeth chipped or cracked teeth, and wrinkles around the mouth can all affect our self-esteem and our relationships with other people. But what if there was something you could do to correct those conditions? If you are concerned about the appearance of your teeth or mouth, our team can help you! Here is an overview of the cosmetic dentistry services and other cosmetic procedures we can provide at American Dental:

Teeth Whitening

Coffee drinking, smoking, aging, poor oral hygiene, and other factors can all contribute to teeth yellowing, and the situation will only get worse over time. The sooner you look into teeth whitening procedures, the more likely it is you will be able to remove all stains and get the smile you have always dreamed of. Our dentists in Lincoln Park and other Chicago-area communities can clean your teeth and provide effectively, gentle whitening treatments that will have them sparkling white in just a few weeks!


Dental veneers have been around for nearly 100 years, and today they are still an effective way to correct a range of imperfections in your smile. If you have severely stained teeth, irregularly shaped teeth or your teeth are worn, broken, chipped, or fractured, dental veneers may be the right option for you. Dental veneers can even be used to correct minor gaps and slightly crooked teeth!

Dermal Fillers

Having the perfect smile is about more than just your teeth and gums; the area around your mouth contributes to the overall appearance of your smile as well. If you’re feeling unconfident about your smile because of lines, wrinkles, and folds on your face, we can use dermal fillers such as Juvederm to give you a more youthful appearance. We can also use fillers to plump thin lips, improve the appearance of recessed scars, and enhance the contours of your face. Dermal filler treatments are safe and include an anesthetic for your comfort, so we invite you to find out more about what our team can do for you!

American Dental – Chicago’s Choice for Cosmetic Dentistry

In addition to being a trusted provider of routine dental care, restorative dentistry, and emergency dentistry, we can also provide cosmetic dentistry in Chicago. If you are living with cosmetic conditions like yellowing, cracks, chips, breaks, fractures, and gaps in your teeth, we can recommend procedures to improve your smile. We can even offer dermal fillers to plump your lips, erase wrinkles, and more! We have 7 locations to serve you, so click the “Make an Appointment” button to find out which one of our clinics is most convenient for you and schedule your appointment online today. And don’t forget to seek us out for any other dental care you need, including regular checkups.

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