Dental Care After A Root Canal

February 3, 2020

root canal

A root canal is a significant dental procedure
that often necessitates recipients to adhere to specific healing guidelines.
Here is an overview of the root canal process and the appropriate care measures
you can employ that are designed to ensure a proper and expedient recovery.

Canal Overview

Root canal is a tooth-preserving measure. An
oral care professional performs said procedure by extracting either damaged or
infected tooth components known as pulp. Once the malfeasant tissue is removed,
what remains of the tooth in question is thoroughly cleaned and eventually

Precipitating Factors

Individuals might need to undergo root canal
therapy if they experience physical manifestations such as general tooth
discomfort, pain that is exacerbated by actions like chewing or talking or
exposure to cold or hot foods or beverages, swelling or redness inside the
mouth and a discoloration of a tooth or surrounding gums.

Potential Complications

Should root canal-inducing conditions be left
unchecked, the stricken individual might ultimately experience nutritional
deficiencies and spread of existing infections to other systemic regions,
leading to serious illness.


Recovery instructions might vary depending
upon the mandates of your oral care professional. However, you might enjoy a
more pleasant and faster recovery period by adhering to the following
relatively common healing tips:

Limiting Exercise

Many dentists will instruct their patients to
refrain from excessive physical activity for at least one or two days following
the procedure. Vigorous physical activity could precipitate bleeding, which
could present complications or, at the very least, slow the healing process.

Obtain Adequate Rest

It is normal for your body to feel a bit run
down following any type of medical or dental procedure. That said, you should
obtain as much sleep as possible following root canal therapy. Not only will
adequate rest help you regain a discernible amount of energy but reduce your
chances of developing a low resistance, which could precipitate ailments like

Pay Attention to Your Body

It is normal to experience some pain following
the procedure. However, if you notice manifestations like swelling, worsening
discomfort or any other bothersome symptom, contact your oral care provider.
Said professional might need to adjust pain medication dosages.

Employ Home Care

Sometimes, certain home care remedies might
expedite the recovery process such as applying ice to wounded regions, refraining
from the consumption of any excessively hot, cold, spicy or difficult to chew
foods or beverages and avoiding vices like cigarette smoking and excessive
alcohol intake.

If you are experiencing any untoward dental
symptoms, please contact us. One of our Dentist in Belmont
can perform a thorough examination and conclude if root canal
therapy is the most appropriate course of action.

Have A Dental Emergency?

American Dental is taking emergency dental patients during this difficult time. If you have pain in your mouth that required immediate attention,  contact us!

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