Dentists Removed 232 Teeth From This Boy’s Mouth in India in 2014 – How Rare Is This?

January 25, 2024

During a seven-hour operation, doctors removed 232 teeth from a teenager’s mouth. For nearly 18 months, the teen suffered while doctors tried to figure out what was wrong. His family brought him to JJ Hospital in Mumbai to learn what was causing the swelling in his jaw. The doctors have labeled his condition rare and could be a world record.

Complex Composite Odontoma

The doctors diagnosed Ashik Gavai, a 17-year-old teen, with a complex composite odontoma. This is a condition that causes a single gum to form multiple teeth. It is like a benign tumor. The teeth were not easy to remove and required a hammer and chisel at the outset.

After opening it, hundreds of small ‘white pearls’ started to come out. The final count was 232 teeth. The surgery required three assistants and two surgeons. Dr. Vandana Thorawade, head of the hospital’s ENT (ear, nose, and throat) department, led the surgical team that did this very rare surgery. The team stated they were tired after removing all the teeth. Afterward, Ashik has 28 remaining teeth.

The actual cause of odontomas is not known, although infections, local trauma, and genetic factors have all been suggested as causes. Most odontomas result from extraneous buds of odontogenic epithelial cells. Most of these are asymptomatic, although generally, they are impacted or unerupted teeth. Other signs are infection and swelling or retained deciduous teeth.

Medical Citations

Medical literature states this is a very rare condition that typically affects the upper jaw. Previously, 37 teeth were the most found in one of these tumors. In this case, Ashik had a tumor buried deep in the lower jaw, with many more tiny teeth inside. The father thought that his son had cancer.

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