Did You Hear About the Buffalo Dentist Who Rescued South Korean Tourists During the City’s Blizzard?

January 4, 2024

One of the many reasons that many dentists, like Dr. Dhiraj Sharma, turn to dentistry is to help others. During the recent blizzard in Buffalo, NY, a local dentist showed this empathy that is so common in dentists.

A Refresher on the Blizzard

As a refresher, the blizzard in the Buffalo area took place in December and was called the “blizzard of the century.” Buffalo Niagara International Airport had at least 49 inches of snow, and at least 28 people within the Erie and Niagara counties of New York died.

Dr. Campagna Helped Stranded South Korean Tourists

During the blizzard, Alexander Campagna, D.D.S, and his wife, Andrea, a surgical nurse practitioner, were at home, as were most people. But at 2 p.m., someone knocked on their door.

It was two South Korean tourists asking for shovels to get their vehicle free from the snow. They mentioned they were in a group of 10 heading to Niagara Falls. But Dr. Campagna and his wife quickly realized it wasn’t safe for the group to be on the road.

So the dentist invited the entire group into their home. He then used his empathy, patience, and good humor, all of which he uses in his dentistry, to make the tourists feel at ease.

Overall, the group ended up staying with the Campagnas for two nights due to the blizzard. During this time, Dr. Campagna and his wife fed them, gave them sweaters, and provided extra blankets to keep everyone warm. Luckily, Dr. Campagna had been in the habit of keeping emergency provisions on hand ever since he had been stuck in his apartment for four days due to a blizzard several years before. Thus, there was enough food to go around, even with the extra mouths.

The Takeaway

During the record-breaking Buffalo blizzard around Christmas, a dentist welcomed 10 South Korean tourists into his home. This highlights the empathy and compassion that dentists have, not just for their patients but for their communities as a whole.



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