Do Invisalign Braces Work As Well As Metal Braces?

September 13, 2021

Everybody wants a perfect smile, but when it comes to getting braces, most people aren’t thrilled about the idea of having a mouth full of metal for 2 years or more. In the past two decades, Invisalign clear aligners have become more and more popular as an alternative to traditional metal braces, but many of our patients wonder if they are as effective as metal braces. The team at American Dental is here to give you the scoop on Invisalign and tell you whether they work as well as traditional metal braces!

How Do Invisalign Braces Work?

When you get traditional braces, your dentist or orthodontist will cement metal brackets to each tooth. These brackets are connected using a sturdy wire that will move your teeth over time by applying gentle pressure to them. That pressure signals your body to remove bone on one side of the tooth, allowing it to move to a new location, where it will be just as strongly rooted as it was before. Depending on the condition you are trying to correct, rubber bands, spacers, and other appliances may also be needed. For most conditions, metal braces provide effective treatment in about 24 months.

Invisalign braces work in much the same way, except instead of utilizing metal brackets and wires, they use a custom-molded aligner made from medical-grade clear polyurethane resin. Instead of applying pressure from a single point on each tooth, Invisalign braces apply pressure all around each tooth. As your teeth gradually change position, you will progress through a series of aligners that will move your teeth closer and closer to their final locations.

Metal Braces vs. Invisalign: Which One is Better?

For most common and minor conditions like teeth crowding, gaps, and misalignments, Invisalign has practically made metal braces obsolete. Not only do Invisalign trays look more natural than metal braces, but they can also correct many conditions more quickly than metal braces. Because Invisalign braces apply pressure all around the teeth, effective treatment can be provided in an average of just 12-18 months. And because Invisalign trays only need to be worn for about 22 hours per day, you can take them out for eating and cleaning. That means life will be much more comfortable and it will be easier to keep your teeth clean during treatment.

It’s important to note that Invisalign cannot be used to treat every orthodontic condition, so it’s important to speak with your dentist or orthodontist about your treatment options before making any decisions.

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