Early Research From the ADA Science & Research Institute Found Minimal Differences Between the Restorative Materials Your Dentist Uses

December 26, 2023

The American Dental Association is developing guidelines on restorative caries treatment. As part of this effort, it has reviewed studies about restorative materials. The findings of these reviews are interesting. It found that there aren’t many dissimilarities among direct restorative materials.

The ADA Science & Research Institute reviewed 38 studies. The studies covered conventional glass ionomer cement, resin composite, and amalgam. The studies also included compomer, resin-modified glass ionomer cement, and metal crowns. These studies involved Class I and II restorations on primary teeth. They also focused on various restorations on permanent teeth, including root surface restorations. The studies looked at restoration longevity, caries progression, and patient happiness.

It has been pointed out that the studies should cover a larger base. It should include a longer follow-up period. There is also some suggestion that nonclinical factors should be part of the review. While this may seem confusing, it bodes well that all materials give equal outcomes. Getting a better idea on a case-to-case basis is up to dentists.

When considering the restorative material your dentist uses with your teeth, speak to them about the process they have used in selecting these materials. This will help you feel more comfortable about making your own decision. Because there is little difference in the material used, your decision should be based off the information your own dentist provides and your comfort level.

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