How Drinking More Water Improves Your Smile

April 24, 2023

Water has been called the “elixir of life.” It makes up 60% of our bodies and covers 71% of the earth’s surface. Water is crucial to our very existence, but it does so much more for us than just keeping us alive. Today, the team at American Dental would like to tell you about another benefit of water: improving the health of your teeth and gums! Here’s how drinking more water can give you a healthier smile:

Removing Bacteria and Debris from the Mouth

When you are busy going about your day, the bacteria and fungi that live in your mouth are reproducing rapidly. As they go about their life cycle, these organisms create a biological film on your teeth and gums known as plaque. If it’s not removed, plaque becomes calcified and turns into tartar, which is a major factor in causing gum disease and tooth decay. Food residue in the mouth serves as a food source for the microorganisms that cause plaque, allowing them to reproduce more rapidly. Drinking water not only washes away microorganisms and plaque, but it also removes the food debris they feed on.

Preventing Dry Mouth

Drinking more water increases saliva production, which is another way that your body removes plaque, microorganisms, and food debris from your mouth. Saliva also helps restore minerals like calcium, phosphate, and fluoride that strengthen the tooth enamel. Those suffering from dry mouth are at a much higher risk for developing tooth decay, so drinking more water is a good idea for everyone.

Strengthening Tooth Enamel

Drinking fluoridated water is proven to prevent cavities by strengthening the tooth enamel through remineralization. You can find fluoride in your tap water, as well as in most brands of bottled water. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drinking fluoridated water reduces the occurrence of cavities in adults and children by 25%, so drink up to keep your teeth strong and healthy!

Reducing the Need for Sugary Beverages

If you reach for a sweet drink like soda, sports drink, or fruit juice when you’re thirsty, you are significantly increasing your risk of developing tooth decay. By choosing water instead of sugary beverages, you will be reducing your risk of tooth decay and other health issues like obesity and diabetes that can affect your teeth and gums. The more water you drink, the less you will crave those sugary beverages, so be sure to grab a bottle of refreshing water the next time you get thirsty.

Dental Offices in Chicago

While drinking plenty of water is a great way to keep your teeth healthy, getting two dental checkups every year should also be a part of your oral health routine. If you need general dentistry in Evergreen Park or anywhere else in the Chicago area, American Dental has 8 locations to serve you. Visit our appointment page to find the location that works best for you, and call or schedule an appointment online!

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