How to Know when a Toothache is an Emergency

September 30, 2020

emergency dentistry

Most people do not know when their dental conditions are emergencies or not. When dental illnesses are not treated, they can lead to serious issues for your health.

A toothache may be a sign that you need to see a dentist, although it will depend on its severity and the symptoms you are experiencing. Some toothaches are light, and staying at home may be a remedy.

However, not all toothache pains should be ignored, especially if it is related to your smile. If you are looking for an emergency dentist in Chicago, you are probably wondering about who will help you with your toothache issue.

With many dentists in Chicago to choose from, you need to find one whose offices are open at all times in case you have an urgent dental issue. Also, find dentists in Lincoln Park  and other parts of Chicago, who will offer you affordable care. 

Well, how do you know your toothache is an emergency?

Sharp Pain

Pain is usually the first sign that something is wrong with your tooth. Sharp pain or pain that has become severe means that your toothache has grown to dental illness.

When you have sharp pain, the first guess is that you might have a cavity. It could be a cavity if you bite something and feel pain in one tooth or more. Cavities are common to most people, and they develop when bacteria or plaque is left on teeth.

The bacteria produce acid that makes teeth get holes. Sharp pain may also be an indication that you have a painful infection. You will need urgent treatment if you have an abscessed tooth because it may need to be extracted.


You may experience sharp pain, especially when you experience increased sensitivity on your teeth. If you have achy teeth, it may be because of grinding or clenching your teeth, especially at night.

This condition is referred to as bruxism. Your dentist will recommend different treatment methods depending on its cause. Other sensitivity cases may be because of an abscessed tooth or a cavity of which both conditions are emergencies.


Our teeth may discolor due to various reasons such as taking tea, wine and coffee. However, these reasons may be avoided through different teeth cleaning treatments.

If you see a tooth or teeth have changed their color to a dark color, it is a sign that its pulp is dead. It also shows that there might be an infection and your teeth may react especially if you see pus from it.

If you experience such a situation, you need to visit an emergency dentist so they will take care of that immediately.

Swollen Glands

When you have an infected tooth, you might also notice swelling on your neck or jawline. You will need urgent medical attention if you happen to have swollen glands and an abscessed tooth combined to reduce the risk of infections in your body’s vital organs.

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