It’s Incredibly Rare, But a Dentist Has Seen a Seed Sprouting in a Patient’s Mouth

February 6, 2024

Some weird things can happen in the mouth. One of the weirder documented cases involves a child growing up and having a seed sprout in his mouth. It is very rare but possible for a person to sprout a seed in their mouth.

Perfect Environment

Seeds quickly sprout when kept wet and warm, just like the mouth is. In fact, the mouth is a perfect host for sprouting seeds. The amylase enzyme resides in your saliva, helping to break starches down into sugars. When seeds germinate, they often secrete amylase. So this enzyme could be helping seeds to sprout in addition to the warm environment.

One of the best ways to ensure you don’t end up with a garden in your mouth is to have regular teeth cleanings at a dental office. Also, make sure to brush your teeth on a regular twice-a-day schedule, floss, and use mouth rinse. Dr. Sharma is happy to help you with advice on the health of your mouth.


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