Liquid Core Released a New SMILE Gum to Use in Between Brushing – But Does Your Dentist Recommend It?

September 20, 2022

Liquid Core recently released a new SMILE Gum. This gum can clean your mouth when you can’t brush or between brushing your teeth. While it is a great idea and seems likely to be popular, what do dentists have to say about it?

About the Gum

The Liquid Core SMILE Gum was specifically designed to clean your teeth as much as gum can do so. It has hydroxyapatite and activated charcoal. The first of these is a fluoride alternative. Importantly, each ingredient was chosen due to its ability to improve oral health and strengthen tooth enamel.

For example, activated charcoal and xylitol can reduce plaque, reduce food particles, reduce bacteria, and strengthen enamel. The activated charcoal also helps remove tooth stains. On top of that, this Liquid Core gum has the most xylitol of gums on the market.

It Changes Color as Used

One unique trait of this teeth-cleaning gum is that it changes color. The gum begins as white. Then the gum releases activated charcoal, which coats the gums and teeth. Afterward, the charcoal gets reabsorbed into the gum as you continue to chew. This eventually turns the gum dark gray. At this point, you can keep chewing it to keep cleaning your gums and teeth if you want.

Brushing Is Best, But This Will Do When Necessary

The discussion of chewing gum as an alternative for brushing teeth is nothing new. Dentists like Dr. Sharma have long suggested chewing sugar-free gum until you can brush after a meal. The standard recommendations for this gum are no different. It can likely be helpful if you truly can’t brush after a meal. But if you have the opportunity to brush, always do that instead.

Essentially, brushing is the best thing to do. If you can’t brush right away, you could use this gum. But follow it up by brushing your teeth when you get the chance.


The new Liquid Core SMILE Gum can be a useful tool for promoting oral health when you absolutely can’t brush your teeth. But brushing should always be your priority, and you should still brush even if you use the gum. Don’t forget to schedule regular cleanings through our dental services in River West Chicago.


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