Looking Back at the Major American Dental Association Advocacy Wins in 2022

January 2, 2024

There were undoubtedly a lot of wins around the country for dental medicine in 2022. Keep reading to learn more about its accomplishments:

Insurance Premium Wins

The Massachusetts Dental Society and the ADA staff put together a ballot measure on the use of insurance premiums. The measure ensures that 83% of collected premiums will go to the care of patients. When not met, rebates will be enforced. It received a lot of support across the country, with more than 70% of voters in Massachusetts voting approval.

Indian Health Service Improvements

The Indian Health Service and CDHC outreach worked together to integrate the Community Dental Health Coordinator program from ADA into their distance learning platform.

Across the country, states have prioritized insurance reform for dentistry. Eight states passed a collective of 14 new laws to improve dentists’ and patients’ positions.

The MOBILE Health Care Act

MOBILE, or Maximizing Outcomes through Better Investments in Lifesaving Equipment for Health Care Act, became law on October 17. This law expands grants and resources, allowing more access to healthcare and dental programs.

Oral Health Improvements

Oral health became a priority item in the fiscal year 2023 omnibus bill signed by the President in December 2022. This is because it includes a 3.5% increase in oral health across the board. Indian dental health and dental research received significant increases in this spending bill.

New Billing Code for Dental Surgeries in Hospitals

Hospital dental operating rooms will be more accessible to dental patients needing general anesthesia thanks to a campaign spearheaded by the ADA.

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