Overjet’s Second FDA Approval Highlights How AI Can Improve Your Future Visits to the Dentist

September 15, 2022

You often hear how artificial intelligence and advanced technology are changing the world. But it can be hard to visualize how without practical examples. Artificial intelligence in dentistry is a great example of this. Visiting the dentist now doesn’t involve AI, but a recent FDA approval for Overjet’s tech shows one way it may occur soon.

The FDA-approved Tech

Overjet received FDA 510(k) clearance for its AI-powered tool that detects dental caries, called Caries Assist. It also includes outlining software for patient communication and chairside aid. In testing, Overjet Caries Assist helped dentists detect an additional 32% of tooth surfaces with caries.

For reference, Overjet received FDA clearance for Dental Assist in 2021. This was the first FDA clearance of the type for measuring bone levels in x-rays of patients with periodontal disease.

How the Tech Should Help Dentists

The idea is that the technology will provide support to dentists like Dr. Sharma. Specifically, it will let dentists work more efficiently and effectively. It should make it faster and easier to get accurate findings, identify anatomical structures, identify common pathologies, and even provide instant visualizations.

How the Tech Should Help Patients

The new AI tech will help patients by helping their dentists. After all, if you have a more accurate or quicker diagnosis, you can begin treatment sooner. Your dentist will also be better able to identify risks, making it possible to prevent them.

The tech includes instant visualizations designed to help your dentist communicate with you. This is especially important as many patients want more details about treatments. They also want to know their issues but aren’t familiar enough with oral anatomy to understand.


While you won’t see any obvious uses of AI on your upcoming visits to the dentist, the recent tech from Overjet shows that this is a very real possibility in the coming years. For more information on dental care or to schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentist in Lincoln Square, contact American Dental today.


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