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American Dental is one of the most trusted family dentist options in Chicago and specializes in pediatric care. We can help your children get the best treatment possible at prices that you can afford. As a pediatrician dentist focused on restoration, prevention, emergency, and alignment treatment options, we can provide a consultation with you to ensure you understand your child’s needs.

For example, if you have a child with braces in Chicago, IL, we can provide the emergency pediatric care your children need. As the most respected dentist in Chicago, we provide some of the best and most effective pediatric care options available. Please read on to learn more about what sets us apart from our competitors and to get the insight you deserve into our unique care options.

We Provide Emergency Dental Care for Children

What exactly is emergency pediatric dental care? It’s when a dentist provides your children with restoration, prevention, alignment treatment, and consultation after a serious injury. For example, let’s say your child is playing baseball and gets hit in the mouth with a line drive. Their teeth might be seriously damaged and require an emergency dentist in Chicago, IL, to manage the problem.

In this situation, an emergency pediatrician would let your family know if there was anything they could do for your child. You don’t even have to make an appointment and wait for a time to open up. Instead, you call our emergency dentist at American Dental, and we’ll get you into our office ASAP – typically within the hour. Emergency dentist care is designed to provide immediate care when possible.

pediatric dentist chicago
emergency pediatric dentist chicago

Our Pediatric Dentist Services:

As the most trusted pediatric emergency dentist in Chicago, American Dental is the team you turn to when you need the best overall care for your children. We’re not only a pediatrician but a skilled expert in a variety of different treatments that can help your little one. These include:

  • Restoration efforts to help keep their teeth looking strong and healthy

  • Prevention methods that minimize long-term complications with their health

  • Emergency care to keep their smile strong in dangerous situations

  • Treatment for alignment issues, including braces for your children

  • Consultation with your whole family to ensure that they’re on the same page

This kind of service ensures that your child has strong and healthy teeth for years to come. We take our treatments very seriously and work hard to ensure they’re the best for your needs. It’s our goal to give you the best overall service that our pediatric emergency dentist in Chicago can provide.

How To Help Your Child Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

While regular visits to a pediatric or emergency dentist in Chicago can help your children keep their teeth strong, the best thing for them is for you to teach them steps beyond visiting a pediatrician for restoration, prevention, and alignment treatment. Steps to take include:

  • Holding a regular family consultation to learn more about their care options

  • Teach them how to properly brush and floss their teeth every day

  • Model proper oral hygiene steps to ensure they’re doing what they need

  • Talk with them about their oral health to keep them up to date

  • Let them know about the potential for braces and other types of treatments

  • Assuage their fears of the dentist by showing no anxiety yourself and by making a strong personal connection with your caregiver

Get a Hold of Us Today

Are you looking for a pediatric or emergency dentist in Chicago that provides the best care for your children? American Dental is a pediatrician and dental specialist who focuses heavily on prevention, alignment, emergency, and consultation treatment that works for your family. We take your needs seriously and will provide the hands-on support that your kids need to stay healthy and happy.

With a sterling reputation and diverse services, American Dental is here to provide the fantastic support your children need for their needs. Call our dentist team at 773-284-1645 to learn more about our options. You can also set up a consultation appointment to learn more about our care and to ensure that your little ones get the high-quality attention that they deserve for their oral health.

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Quick, easy, and professional. This was my first time at this office, but everyone treated me like I’d been there before. From the time I started filling out the paperwork to the moment I walked out with a filled tooth was 68 minutes. And that included the pet where they x-rayed me and determined I needed a filling.

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