Research Consistently Shows that Many People Skip Dental Visits Because of the Cost – How Seeing the Dentists Actually Saves You Money

January 19, 2023

Over and over, surveys find that many people avoid going to the dentist for financial reasons, but it will hurt them in the long run. In fact, regularly seeing a dentist like Dr. Dhiraj Sharma saves you money over time.

People Skip Dental Appointments Because of Money

A recent article from Yahoo is just the latest example of reports that people skip dental visits because of concerns about money. They talked to Dr. Brett Barzee, who works with the Social Welfare Board’s free clinic. He highlighted that many of the patients he sees at the free clinic have previously skipped appointments because of the cost. He also points out that failing to see their dentists makes it worse.

Even systems like Medicaid don’t help as much as they should. To start, many people don’t realize that they are eligible for Medicaid. And others don’t want to apply because of stigma. On top of that, even those who qualify for Medicaid can struggle to find a dentist who accepts it.

Visiting the Dentist Saves You Money

As Dr. Barzee told Yahoo, regularly visiting your dentist will save you money in the long run. By skipping cleanings, checkups, and treatment, you feel like you are saving money initially, but in the long run, you will find that you need to spend more.

Dental Prevention Is More Affordable Than Treatment

At the most basic level, preventing gum disease or other oral health problems is much more affordable than treating them when they develop. There are also hidden costs to consider with such treatments, such as having to take time off work.

Your Dentist Will Spot Potential Problems Earlier

Regularly having a dentist like Dr. Sharma check your teeth also makes you aware of any potential issues early on. It’s much faster, more affordable, and more comfortable to treat a minor dental problem than one that has worsened over time.

Dental Issues Can Lead to Other Health Problems

Putting off issues with your oral health doesn’t just affect your mouth. It can also lead to issues in other areas of your body, especially if you get an infection.

In fact, a recent study from the Mayo Clinic published in the Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry confirmed the savings associated with visiting the dentist. The study specifically looked at people with coronary artery disease and diabetes, focusing on costs. The researchers measured overall payments within the health care plan. Most of the savings came from the fact that people with healthy mouths had a lower rate of hospitalization.

The Best Dentists Make Dental Care Financially Accessible

The best dentists recognize that prevention and early treatment are crucial to saving money and improving your oral health. They accept a variety of insurance providers and work with various financing options. Lending Club and CareCredit are both especially popular options.


If you put off dental care because of concerns about the cost, you’ll find that there are many like you. Still, doing so can cost you more money in the long run. Between prevention and early detection of issues, a regular visit to the dentist in Palos Heights is better for your oral health and wallet.


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