Shark Teeth: The Fun Name for the Condition That Can Affect Children

February 8, 2024

If you have ever watched a documentary on sharks, you can picture what the rows of teeth look like, one behind the other. There is a condition in children that looks like shark teeth and can be alarming when first seen. Consider the following information on this dental condition:

Shark Teeth

The term ‘shark teeth’ refers to what happens when a child’s adult teeth grow into their mouth behind their baby teeth. It can be shocking at first, but it is rarely cause for alarm.

What Causes Shark Teeth

When the permanent tooth comes in, it should ideally dissolve the root of the baby tooth so it falls out. When the tooth comes in at an angle, the baby tooth may not get weak enough to fall out. There are also some cases when the roots don’t dissolve, and the tooth remains.

When Do Shark Teeth Develop

There is the potential for shark teeth to develop in your child at any time in the process of permanent teeth coming in and replacing the baby teeth. There seem to be two time periods it is more likely to happen. This is around the age of six and again at 11 when the back molars start to come in.

What Should Be Done

Seeing your child’s teeth look like a shark’s mouth can be a shock. But the reality is shark teeth usually clear up on their own. The baby tooth becomes loose and falls out in a matter of time. If this doesn’t happen and your child is complaining that it is uncomfortable, it is time to schedule a trip to the dentist. Dr. Sharma can help with your child’s shark teeth and any of your other dental needs.


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