The Strange Journey of John Lennon’s Tooth: From Selling for Over $31,000 to Plans for Using It

February 1, 2024

People collect odd things all the time, but a tooth? Omega Auction House recently placed John Lennon’s molar up for auction, and it sold for $31,200, according to online posted results.

Canadian Tooth

A Canadian dentist, Michael Zuk, purchased the tooth. John Lennon gave the tooth to Dorothy Jarlett or Dot. According to her son, Dot had a warm relationship with Lennon. Lennon employed Dot as his housekeeper between 1964 and 1968.

Family Heirloom

One day while chatting with John, he handed the tooth to her. He had it removed at the dentist earlier in the day. Lennon suggested giving the tooth to her sister because she was a big Beatles fan. The tooth has remained with Dot’s family ever since. It also has been in Canada for about 40 years after Dot’s daughter married a Canadian. With Dot now being 90 years old, it was time to sell the tooth before it got lost or forgotten.

The tooth is too fragile for a DNA test, but because it came directly from Dot, there is little doubt of its authenticity.

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