The World Health Organization Recently Confirmed What Your Dentist Has Been Telling You for Years – Fluoride Toothpastes Are a Great Choice

July 21, 2022

For as long as you have been visiting Dr. Dhiraj Sharma, you’ve likely had occasional fluoride treatments. He has also likely suggested you use fluoride toothpaste. This has always been in line with overall dental guidance. But a recent statement from the World Health Organization reaffirms this guidance.

WHO Added Fluoride Toothpaste to Essential Medicines

The confirmation from the World Health Organization about the importance of fluoride comes from the organization’s most recent list of essential medicines. Now, fluoride toothpaste is part of its list of vital medicines. It also includes glass ionomer cement and silver diamine fluoride. These changes have been in place since fall 2021.

What WHO Documentation Says

The WHO documentation calls fluoride toothpaste “the most rational way of fluoride use.” This is thanks to its cost-effectiveness. It is also because it prevents caries and cleans the gums and teeth.

The ADA Has Recommended Fluoride Toothpaste for Years

While this is a recent change, the ADA has been recommending fluoride toothpaste for decades. The ADA calls fluoride toothpaste among the best evidence-based cavity prevention strategies the average person can access. Many experts even argue that the drop in the prevalence of cavities in the last 50 years in developed countries is because of fluoride toothpaste use.

Quality of the Toothpaste Matters

Since fluoride toothpaste is so easily accessible for many people, it may initially seem odd that the WHO added it to the list. Dr. Habib Benzian, head of the WHO Collaborating Center for Quality Improvement and Evidence-Based Dentistry, pointed out that “it is unavailable, unaffordable or of dubious quality” for many people.

How to Gauge the Quality

The easiest way to ensure the fluoride toothpaste you choose is of high quality is to ask Dr. Sharma for a recommendation. Another simple method is to look for the ADA Seal. This seal has been in place for more than 90 years, and 57 kinds of fluoride toothpaste bear it. Overall, there are 400 products with the ADA Seal. The products earn the seal because they are safe and effective. A toothpaste must contain fluoride to receive the seal.


If you aren’t already using fluoride toothpaste, you should switch to a toothpaste that contains fluoride. For the best oral health and protection, opt for fluoride toothpaste with the ADA Seal. You can also ask your dentist for recommendations.


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