Treat Your Dental Hygienist Well – A February Study Highlights How Dental Hygienists Were Affected By COVID

September 29, 2022

The next time you have an appointment with Dr. Dhiraj Sharma, make sure to be nice to your dental hygienist. While you were hopefully nice to them anyway, a semi-recent study shows the heavy toll that COVID took on hygienists. As such, they can use a bit of extra compassion, just like everyone else.

The Good News

The good news from the February study is that dental hygienists have high vaccination acceptance rates and low rates of COVID infection.

The Bad News

Less than half of the dental hygienists who left the job early in the pandemic have returned to work. This has led to staffing issues, meaning that your dental hygienist is likely overworked. While this is common across industries, dental hygienists have extra health concerns because they work in patients’ mouths.

Predictions and Opportunities

The study also says dental hygienists will play a key role in keeping people safe from COVID. They are among those most familiar with the unique challenges a dental practice faces in terms of COVID health and safety and can help influence guidelines and best practices.


The pandemic has taken its toll on dental hygienists. Many quit early in the pandemic due to health concerns, and less than half who left the job have returned. This has left those working as hygienists overworked and under a lot of stress. On top of that, hygienists are in one of the most important roles in keeping you safe from COVID on your next trip to the dentist. So, treat your hygienist with kindness and respect.

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