What Not to Do: In 2015, This Woman Made Headlines for Supergluing Her Teeth in Place

January 30, 2024

Some people don’t like the fees of a dentist, while others do not want to go. There are strange things people will do to avoid going to the dentist. In fact, one woman super glued her teeth in hopes of avoiding the dentist.

Dental Fear

Everyone has their reasons for fearing the dentist. In Angie Barlow’s case, she was afraid of the dentist because of her mother. Her mother passed away from throat cancer at 34. She learned she had it while in for a dentist appointment. This instilled a deep fear in Barlow of dentists. She avoided them even when her teeth started popping out. She just reattached them in her mouth with super glue and moved on without a trip to the dentist.

A Decade of Glue

For more than 10 years, Barlow dabbed superglue on top of her tooth and placed it back in her mouth. She explained that she held it in place until the glue set. Superglue is not meant to glue teeth in your mouth, and the chemicals in it destroyed 90 percent of her upper jawbone. She decided to go to the dentist after her situation became very bad. They needed to remove 11 teeth from the top jaw. They also placed six titanium screws into her jaw in order to put 12 false teeth.

Watch the Documentary

There is a BBC documentary about her situation, ‘The Truth About Your Teeth.’ You will get a closer look at how this affected her dental health. A word of warning – it is a very sad tale, as one would imagine.

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