Motivating Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

September 25, 2023

Establishing good oral health habits early on is crucial to helping your kids have a healthy mouth as adults. Unfortunately, getting kids to brush regularly can be a struggle. Some kids don’t enjoy brushing; others don’t understand why it’s so important. If you have kids who fight you every time you pull out the toothbrush, the team at American Dental has a few ideas about how you can motivate them.

Set a Good Example

Your kids look up to you, and setting a good example can make them more interested in taking care of their teeth and gums. When you brush, don’t do it in private. Make it a part of the time you spend with your kids! Next time you brush before bed or after waking up, get your kids involved; you can brush your teeth together with them. They may enjoy being included in your routine and you can even bond over keeping your teeth clean together.

Turn Brushing into a Game

“Gamifying” everyday chores and tasks can help your kids have more fun doing them. We suggest getting a timer that plays a song they enjoy, or an hourglass filled with colorful sand. Challenge your kids to keep brushing their teeth throughout the entire song, or until every grain of sand falls to the bottom of the hourglass. Once you turn their oral health routine into a fun challenge, they may even start to enjoy it!

Get Them a Fun Toothbrush

There are lots of different kids’ toothbrushes available on the market today. Some even feature your kids’ favorite cartoon characters or superheroes. Instead of buying them a boring toothbrush, try out one of these fun toothbrushes designed specifically for kids. When they feel like they are brushing their teeth with a special friend, they may even want to brush without you having to ask.

Create a Rewards System

Sometimes a tangible reward can be the right motivator, and it doesn’t have to be something expensive. Tell your kids that if they brush their teeth every night, they can stay up an extra 30 minutes, or have some extra screen time for the day. Tell them if they brush their teeth twice per day for an entire week, they can pick the next movie they watch on family night, or that they can pick their favorite meal for dinner at the end of the week. Not only will this help them take better care of their teeth, but it will also give you a chance to create memories with them that will last a lifetime.

Family Dentistry in Chicago

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