Why You Should Be Honest With Your Dentist

April 15, 2021

When you visit the dentist, it can be tempting to tell a white lie. However, you should never lie to your dentist. This is for the same reason you should not lie about your condition to any other doctor. It all comes down to your health and safety. Your dentist can only accurately assess your oral health and treat issues properly if they know everything. There is also the fact that you expect your dentist to be honest with you, and it is nice to reciprocate.

Telling the Truth Provides Your Dentist With Important Information

The most important reason to tell your dentist the truth is that it will help them make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. It lets your dentist know your starting point so they can adjust their suggestions.

For example, if you have gum problems and admit you don’t floss, your dentist may ask you to be sure to floss and see if they improve. But, if you have gum issues and already floss, or claim to, your dentist may assume that flossing alone is not enough. In this case, they will have to come up with another solution.

They Can’t Fix Something If They Don’t Know There Is a Problem

One of the other crucial reasons to be honest with your dentist is that it lets them help you. If, for example, you have tooth pain but don’t tell your dentist, they won’t be able to fix it. Or if your gums are bleeding, but they don’t know, they can’t treat it.

Of course, Dr. Sharma can spot many of these things. If your gums bleed when you floss, for example, they may also start bleeding during your cleaning. Even so, it is best to be honest, as this ensures your dentist has all the information available to them.

Remember that being honest with your dentist can point them in the direction of the problem. Letting them know about pain, for example, can encourage them to take a closer look for cavities in that area.

They Can Frequently Tell You Lied

Dentists undergo years of schooling and residency before earning their degrees and treating patients. As such, they can frequently tell that there are problems with your teeth or gums, even if you don’t mention them.

One example is the previously mentioned situation of your gums bleeding during the cleaning. Or maybe you flinch in pain during the cleaning. Or perhaps your dentist notices a build-up of plaque.

In other cases, statistics are enough to tell your dentist that you are probably lying. A 2016 survey, for example, found that only about 30% of people floss every day. A lot more people tell their dentist they do.

Your Dentist Won’t Judge You

One of the most common reasons people lie to their dentist is fear of judgment. Maybe you are ashamed that you don’t floss regularly. Or don’t like to admit that you smoke or eat a lot of sugar. This should not stop you from sharing the information. Remember, Dr. Sharma is not here to judge you. Your dentist wants to help your oral health, not judge you. For more information on our dental cleanings in Chicago and other services, contact our offices today.

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